Black Misty Then and Now

This is Black Misty. She came to us two years ago as a rescue. She’s a Blackjack Morgan Mare about twenty-ish. She just had a workout and now a nice bath.

I put a little sip of paper into my prayer/wish bowl for a companion for my mare Misty. I was thinking of an older mare, a mommy figure to keep her company, someone with a sweet disposition. Four days later it was answered. Misty’s new companion was Misty. She came from just over on the other side of Blue Diamond, a raggedy, black My Little Pony with dreadlocks and a thyroid condition.

The Mistys first meeting.

They like each other.

They are the Mistys, they’ve been Big Misty and Little Misty, Misty Blue and Misty Too, then Misty Blue evolved into Buckskin Barbie. She likes that one, Barbie, it fits her true nature.

Black Misty drying in the afternoon sun. They’re both so pretty. I am still the little kid whose heart aches just to be near them.

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