A Horse Painting and a Pretty Sky

Pretty sky tonight looking out across the Horse Park behind the house. It’s in the glorious low 90’s now and cool at night.

I’ve been working on a series of equine paintings all the same size 12″ x 17″. I’m trying to get them finished by the weekend. So far three are done, one almost done and one little more than an underpainting.

These five are the horses of Serenity. Two of them are of Misty Blue (Barbie).  An X-Files marathon from Netflix is keeping me company. I’m on the third season.

Here’s a peek at Mouse in her glamorous fly mask.

Mouse has the first stall in the barn. She’s the first to greet you. This was her fly mask from last summer. It had sequins too. She’s always glamorous, but she made me laugh every time she put her head out so seriously with that silly mask. I just love it.

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