TJ’s Store Revamp

The owners are coming to our region so we’ve been cleaning, painting, de-decorating, giving the store a revamp. Revamp- do up, in this case do down or undo, refurbish, restore, give a facelift. Yep, all that.

Two years ago it was the time of double sided signs big as the moon, or at the very least big enough to see from the parking lot, better if you could see them from across the street.

Like this one now gone, Jammin’ Juices. The steel rooftops above the Fresh, Dairy and Cheese section also gone. It’s now a sleek straight line.

The Dairy sign was made for us by the awesome artists at the Decatur store when our store first opened, a little view of the rooftops and two of my value signs.

I salvaged the Dairy sign and made foamcore surfboards to display it in the same place it was before.

No more hanging signs. I must admit we had a rainforest of hanging signs at one time.

Aloha in place over favorite cookies of our Hawaiian visitors, four feet of painted foamcore.

This was the other side of the Aloha sign.

Watermelon Joe.

We want a big sign over Larry’s meat section for the special of the week but we can’t call it the special of the week, keep it clean, no sausages. Hehehe.

Okay, cute, now we want a big sign pointing to Larry’s Meat section so you can see it as you come in the front door, and call it special of the week so they know it’s the special of the week.

Thanks for stopping by.

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