A Few of My Favorite Trader Joe’s Endcap Signs

One of my very favorites- Eat at Joe’s

This is the Chicken Chef. She usually sells the mixes in the fall.

The Pumpkin Spice Chai just went out of stock so the Chicken Chef is now a quick change artist:

and is hawking Organic Pumpkin, or will be in the morning when they put the Pumpkin on the endcap and change the signs.

This was the Chicken Chef when she made her debut in 2007

The ever popular BeerMaid who only gets to come out for Oktoberfest, although she’s been up since Summerfest this year.

This was her first appearance in 2008.

And one of my very special all time favorites, Lookie What I Found. Yep I name them all, they aren’t all my favorites but a heck of a lot of them are. He hasn’t been up in a while. We had the Shaw on an endcap for a year so I got to see him every day. Here in Nevada Two-Buck Chuck is Three Buck Chuck.

These blackboards are double sided. There is art on both sides. They are all kept in a big closet in the back room near my work area (Pamville). In a few days I’ll be working on signs for the next flyer The Thanksgiving Pilgrimager, try saying that fast.

In the next installment of my favorite endcap signs I’ll show you the ones that didn’t get to come out of the closet for Halloween this year.

Thanks for stopping by.


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2 Responses to A Few of My Favorite Trader Joe’s Endcap Signs

  1. Pam, these are wonderful! I love every one of them. We have a little restaurant nearby which uses chalkboards and semi-similar art in the restaurant – but there is no comparison between the quality of work you put out and what we see locally. The vibrant colors are amazing. Eat at Joe’s is fantastic. 🙂 What a great job you have!

  2. pamtanzey says:

    Thank you Maddie! You leave the nicest comments! I sure appreciate them. I love my job at Trader Joe’s. I try to make the signs fun. I was a freelance illustrator for a long time so they are sort of my new storybook pages.
    Thanks again!

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