NaNoWriMo vs. Sketchbook 2013

The sunrises are fiery and the nights are cool now, it’s the time of year I stock up on Cheese-Its and coffee. I clear my desk and have my trusty box of reference and my NaNo music all organized.

Oh dear if I describe it too much I’ll change my mind. I’ve been doing NaNo since 2008 and loving every tortured exciting minute of it, wrestling with my characters when they decide I’m not telling their story and they take over, laughing with the other sleep deprived NaNoNuts as they go through the same issues, using the traveling shovel of death and slipping Mr. Ian Woo into the story somewhere as we race the clock to write 50,000 words by midnight October 31. Yep I did it and won fours years running now.

Nothing gets done but my novel in the month of November, that’s the gift I have given myself, that huge wonderful hunk of uninterrupted time to play.

2008 My first NaNoNovel: RINGS INTO THE RIVER

I’m still editing that one.


Just about done editing. First one that needs an ending.

  2010 WISHIN’

Done editing, ready to send, considering self publishing, hmm with a new cover. I design these for NaNo.


This one’s out there and already has one rejection under her belt, yay my first one. It’s out there again.

I don’t feel the same pressure now. There are two sessions of Camp NaNoWrimo in the summer. In the first one last year I was a rebel and edited WISHIN’. This summer I worked on a new novel. In between, when I started editing I’d come up with completely new stories so I’ve worked on several at the same time. I am insane.

I am now trying something new,  finish a project before I start another one. We’ll see how that goes as long as the darned muse doesn’t dangle wonderful new ideas all around me while I’m trying to focus on finishing one.

Okay the whole point of this is I am not doing NaNo in November. I’ll do Camp NaNo in the summer again. I am going to do a big project in November though and be as dedicated as if it were a novel.

I’m doing the Sketchbook Project 2013. There’s a link to it if you click the banner. There’s still time to join if you want. It’s a fun project.

I’m working on a picture book for this project, it’s from a song my dog Yossarian made up called I HAD A GOOD DAY. I’ll be posting the sketches here as I finish them.

I’ll tell you all about my past experiences with the Sketchbook projects tomorrow.   Thanks for stopping by.



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2 Responses to NaNoWriMo vs. Sketchbook 2013

  1. Wow! I’m impressed … but also green with envy. 😉 An artist and a writer! How cool that you’ve done NaNo for so many years. I’m looking forward to reading your work!

  2. pamtanzey says:

    Thanks Maddie. I’ve been working a while on getting them so they are readable.

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