Dear Pam…A Letter To My Fourteen Year Old Self

Dear Pam,

There’s so much I’d like to tell you, people to watch for because they are wonderful and important, but you’ll recognize that, and people who are charismatic and you think they are wonderful but they aren’t and you won’t recognize that. You won’t allow yourself to believe it. You won’t believe me. I’ll have to let you face those dragons as they come.

Trust your heart. Don’t listen to what others want you to do, because the desire to please them will override your own good judgment and you will become enslaved to that desire.

The most important thing I have learned I wish I could have told you before the bad things happened. I know they already have.

It’s not your fault. It’s never been your fault. It isn’t you. It’s never been you. She is Schizophrenic but no one will understand that for years and all of those years you will blame yourself and she will let you.

Just knowing this changes everything.



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