I Dreamed You Were Here

Fall back to 2006 Duncan woke up while I was taking pictures of him napping on the sofa bathed in light. I took a whole roll in those few minutes with my Cannon Rebel. I got the large prints from Costco and stashed the packet in a drawer with a lot of other photos. I haven’t seen his sweet little face since 2008. I was thrilled to stumble across these wonderful close up pictures of him last week.

I’ve been experimenting with painting on different surfaces. This painting is acrylic on an  8 x 10″ Multi-Media board. It has an interesting texture, feels like its made of plastic and is translucent so the drawing can be transferred on a lightbox. I wrestled with it, the paint soaked in and didn’t want to build up. I paint in thin washes like watercolor usually. So I laid a coat of clear gesso on it and then it worked.

I’m working on the Sketchbook 2013, gathering photos of YoDa, action, gesture and cutie pie face close ups so I can develop what his character will look like. I believe now the sketchbook is going to be all the work ups to the storybook, notes, thumbnails, storyboard and dummy of the book, so the making of the picture book I HAD A GOOD DAY. Hope to have some sketches tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.

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5 Responses to I Dreamed You Were Here

  1. we lubb this picture

  2. Of course, I love this painting. That face! 🙂

  3. Excellent detail – especially around the folds of the neck. Eerily, were it not for the ears, this could have been a painting of one of my Labradors from years ago.

  4. It is so wonderful the way they capture our hearts forever. This painting is a beautiful reflection of how he imprinted your heart with love. Thank you for sharing, made my morning.

  5. pamtanzey says:

    Thank you Maddie!

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