Turkeys, Santa and a Whole Lotta Cookies…Yum.

Thanksgiving is a week away. The turkeys arrived two days ago. We just got the okay to hang seasonal signs so we pulled down the holiday signs from storage, now they are hanging with care in the aisles. This is the turkey, er rabbit pointing to the fresh turkeys.

This is the back of the turkey sign. I made this around Halloween last year, a turkey in a ghost costume seemed a natural.

Santa is now flying over the candy.

And we had a cookie tasting yesterday. All of our favorites returning for the season and a few new ones.

Lordy next comes the Holiday music. . .

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2 Responses to Turkeys, Santa and a Whole Lotta Cookies…Yum.

  1. you must have such fun at your job. Makes me curious when I stop in at our local Trader Joe’s who is our sign artist?

  2. Really cute signs! Cookie tasting on the job … I could get into that. 🙂

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