Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

Breathe out so I can breathe you in.*

This is Cooper and me. I live two miles from Las Vegas Boulevard on a quiet peacock lined street in a rural preserve neighborhood. We share an acre, the horses and I, they live in the front and I live in a small house in the back. It’s as close to my little girl dream of living with Mr. Ed as I could possibly get.

I am an artist, a writer, a sign painter and at night with the gate locked and the big light on it’s just me, my dogs and all these sweet horse souls. To the left is the Luxor beam and the light of the Strip. To the right is the glow of Henderson’s twinkly lights. A big horse park lies behind us and in front we look out across the quiet desert and watch planes coming in to land at McCarran. They line up one after the other arching out into the dark sky like crystals floating down from heaven.

This place, these horses, the big sky, the quiet nights, the peace, the serenity, this is what inspires me. Oh, and the Hounds too of course.



*Favorite verse from Foo Fighters.

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3 Responses to Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

  1. My favorite post yet, Pam. I love Las Vegas and envy that are close enough to enjoy all that the area offers – including your own little slice of heaven. Your pictures for this post are fantastic.

  2. I just lo-o-o-ove that basset…

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