Guess Who Shops at Trader Joe’s? Yep, Santa.



I especially love his tattoos.

This is my favorite Santa from a couple of years ago. I painted him on foamcore. He welcomed everyone as they came up to the doors. Unfortunately he was attached to a poorly constructed triangular stand built from 3/4 inch plywood that weighed about a hundred fifty pounds and the wind used to knock it over. Thankfully no one was ever injured but one morning it was back in Pamville for repairs with tire tracks running across Santa’s grocery bag. He’s safely on top of the dairy case now reminding everyone to pick up the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels before they are an empty space on the shelf.

Thanks for stopping by.


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4 Responses to Guess Who Shops at Trader Joe’s? Yep, Santa.

  1. Great Santa, Pam! We have a TJs not far from us, and it is one of our favorite grocery stores. I have enjoyed the artwork at our store, and have wondered about the artist. Does each store have its own artist, or do they make copies of one artist’s work and send it out to all the stores?

  2. As well he should shop at Trader Joe’s! He’s a cutie, and the tattoo caught my eye right away. It’s perfect. 🙂

  3. pamtanzey says:

    Thanks Naomi! Each Trader Joe’s store has it’s own artists. All of the signs in the stores usually are done by hand, from the shelf signs to the big blackboard endcaps. Next time you are in your Trader Joe’s if you like the art let them know at the pit (or office) the artists always love to hear that! This is what we often hear…signs? What signs?

  4. I have always appreciated the artwork, and wondered how it worked. Never did I dream that I would actually know one of the artists personally. Such a treat to have met you!

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