It’s National Bird Day!

There are a whole host of birds at home, meaning pigeons who are pals of Bird, meaning the Peacock, and of the Mistys, (um both of my mares named Misty). I honor them and their families today and will throw them an extra scoop of seeds tonight.

These two are Sharon’s Birds. She is the Flower Lady at my work, meaning Trader Joe’s.


Sharon has known them since they were little birdlettes. They greet her every morning at four or five or whatever ungodly hour she is out there putting flowers in front of the store. The one on the left is Hooker.  Hooker was born with a crooked beak or ran into a big window, who knows, but he, um or she gets on real well and is fat and healthy.

The one on the right is Hip Hop. One cold drizzly morning as the story goes Hooker brought a scared injured bird up to the front doors so Sharon could help. The bird could barely walk because dental floss was wrapped around it’s leg and it had already lost two toes. Sharon scooped him up and one of the other girls, Irene, held him while she performed the delicate operation of cutting away the floss. She doctored him up as best she could, fed him sunflower seeds every morning and he slowly got better.


That was two winters ago. He’s still hip hopping around greeting her with Hooker in the mornings.

Happy National Bird Day!

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2 Responses to It’s National Bird Day!

  1. You have the best stories, Pam!

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