Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Put on your Indy Hat we’re going on a dig!


Year after year the big plan is to get organized. My desk really isn’t too bad here. I’m in the middle of moving everything around to make it more usable, more convenient, tidy, dare I say organized.

Wanna join me? Put on your rubber gloves, grab yer Indiana Jones hat and take a or some photos of what Resolved means to you. Post ’em so we can all see, then check out Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

p.s. Bras optional!


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2 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

  1. Chas Spain says:

    Hi Pam- I’m doing a piece on the wonder of desks and how they are cruelly abused and misunderstood. Would you mind if I added this one – bra and all – to the desk gallery? Hope this will be OK.

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