I Can See Clearly Now


Been a long time since I’ve gotten new glasses. My vision is so sharp and clear now it’s like living in a completely new world.

My old world had soft edges. One might say blurry, unfocused from the scratched lenses and slightly lopped sided frame thanks to Phoebe the marauder stealing them out of my purse because she loved to chew on plastic. She still does.

My paintings were loose. I will probably think them messy now when I see them in my new sharp world. Maybe not I have strived to make them loose and lively more like my sketches.

In this new world lines are defined like high definition TV,  something I wasn’t all that prepared to see in the bathroom mirror. Then I realized these lines are from smiling.

They are from stopping to watch a sunset so brilliant my camera can’t capture it, from seeing my daughter ecstatically happy at Christmas helping her dogs open their presents, and from knowing she is loved and cared for by a wonderful husband.

They are from YoDa getting up from his warm nap next to Phoebe to come check on me, from Duncan finally letting me put sunglasses on him to take photos for his blog after ten years not allowing any dress up, from Gracie loving dress up and tiaras and riding in the big wagon at the Mother Goose Parade like a Queen. They are from Amos Otis who grew so big his name became Hey Moose. They are from every moment of loving Jake, when he was with me and every time I think of him.

They are from Kahlil our first horse and riding him all over the hills of San Marcos and from Olivia and walking her all over the streets of the neighborhood, from Misty Blue and Little Misty and how I can look out the bedroom window and see them.

After years of solitary freelancing they are from being out in the world again laughing at the banter of friends at Trader Joe’s in the backroom, the break room, from having friends.

They are my history.


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2 Responses to I Can See Clearly Now

  1. Wonderful post, Pam. My dad had “crow’s feet” at his eyes, and I loved them. They were from laughing, and he laughed a lot. I love how you described getting your “lines.”

  2. oh man maybe i will just keep the old glasses

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