Meeting Up At The Rainbow Bridge


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11 Responses to Meeting Up At The Rainbow Bridge

  1. Jill says:

    This is so precious, Pam. How did you achieve the cute border of stars with watercolors?

  2. pamtanzey says:

    Thank you Jill! Originally this piece was a black and white ink wash illustration for a dog magazine I used to work for. I scanned it and colorized it in Photoshop. It was my first colorizing attempt. The stars are a brush in Photoshop.

  3. carolyn says:

    this picture gave me some comfort when I thought about all my basset dogs that had passed away. Thank you Pam.

  4. pamtanzey says:

    I’m so glad Carolyn. I know we miss them terribly and I can’t read the Rainbow Bridge without crying so I like to think they are all hanging out poolside, having picnics, and cheating at cards until the moment they get to see us again.

  5. When I saw this title go by in my email, I thought, “Pam has done something that’s going to make me cry.” I peeked in anyway for a second, and I was thrilled to see your illustration. It made me happy and warmed my heart! You are amazing!!

  6. pamtanzey says:

    Thank you Maddie! The Rainbow Bridge poem or even talking about it always makes me cry. I wanted to do one that was gloriously happy. They are all hanging out enjoying the weather waiting for you to come home and join them. They’re in no hurry of course. Time is different there.

    And I ask myself now before I post something because I do deal with grief a lot, I say, “Is this going to make Maddie cry?”

  7. I’m a “weeper” from way back, Pam. And these passing dogs just make the waterworks flow, but I’m ok with that. I never want to forget how much happiness they brought and how desperately I miss them. You can make me cry. 😉 I know there will always be happy illustrations to come along. Like this one.

  8. Rohan 7 Things says:

    Wow, you are good! This is simply adorable, I love it 🙂 The card playing dogs are all hiding cards haha!

    Thanks for sharing, all the best 😉


  9. So glad Maddie passed on this link — we are getting close to helping one of ours across that bittersweet bridge, and I take comfort in knowing it is a happy, comfortable place on the other side.

  10. pamtanzey says:

    Oh I’m sorry, it’s so hard. Maybe they have Bingo and Frisbee too. I like to think so. Watch out for those Bassets though they’re all card sharks.

  11. Those Bassets better hold tight to their hands – those labs like Kruger are likely to eat their cards.

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