Zombies, Dogs and Fuzzy Blankets


I’ve never really understood the zombie fascination, okay vampires you have a lot to work with there, romance and sparkly skin but zombies. . . um icky. Last night with the wind howling the dogs and I curled up under the fuzzy blankets and watched The Walking Dead. Well, they slept and I watched a mini marathon, falling asleep during the fourth one.

It was pretty good, all the usual characters one might find banding together at the end of life as we know it, kind of like Survivor with a lot of bonehead decisions that gets your horse and little sister eaten by the zombies. A lot of icky noise.  One can look away so not to be frightened by the flying monkeys but with zombies there’s always the noise, heads exploding, a lot of heads, you know, exploding.

It occurred to me as I was falling asleep there were no dogs. Dogs always knew when the terminators were outside wouldn’t it be a smart idea to have alert dogs for the zombies too? As you’re sitting around the campfire the dogs would let you know the zombies were in the woods, even a little dog you could carry would be screaming to get up and run.

You can’t carry a Basset with zombies chasing you. I think I’ll be watching a comedy tonight or maybe a musical. Yeah a musical.

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