Peace, Love and Drool . . . We Can Make a Difference


I’m probably dreamin’, but what the heck, why not. If your thoughts create your future why not dream up some peace? Nobody likes Peace more than a Basset Hound, well more like “I’d like a piece of that please.”

Take a moment, close your eyes. What does peace mean to you? Sitting on the porch watching the sun come up, a soft breeze on your face, lying on a warm beach towel listening to the waves or dolphins playing in the distance, or on the radio, or your kids playing on the swings and not squabbling, or the oven timer dinging because dinner is done (yeah the Bassets suggested that).

Seriously it all starts with us, with you and your own idea of peace. Dream it and send it on out there. Maybe it will go for a walk with mine and my neighbor’s and the mailman’s and we’ll have pockets of peace all over my city, your city. . . it could happen.

This is my first post for Bloggers For Peace. This is also an invitation to the dance. Come join me and the other Bloggers for Peace write, rant, post drawings or poems, prayers, haiku, photos, whatever it is you do, do it at least once a month. Link your post to other Bloggers for Peace, link it to me, click the bloggers logo and link it back to the folks who came up with the idea. Create some peace, send it out there and we’ll all link hands like little kids. We can make a difference.


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9 Responses to Peace, Love and Drool . . . We Can Make a Difference

  1. Very sweet post, Pam! I am linking this to my post today ~ thanks! ♥ Peace, Tomas

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  3. pamtanzey says:

    Thank you Thomas!

  4. Kozo says:

    Love this, Pam. Love the artwork, Basset Hound, and your enthusiasm. Thank you so much for joining the movement. Give Basset Hound a big {{{Hug}}} from me.

  5. pamtanzey says:

    Thank you! I sure will!

  6. Allyson Mellone says:

    Pam, you’ve created such a groovy gang of peace lovers!

  7. I saw that picture go by in my reader last week, and it gave me a big smile. Great first post for Bloggers for Peace, Pam. Perfect illustration. 🙂

  8. pamtanzey says:

    Thanks! They are some of my favorite guys. Although Buttercup and Hank are quickly catching up. I think they’ll be blogging for Peace soon.

  9. Buttercup and Hank need their own syndicated Sunday comic!

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