Gorilla Photography and Haiku


Gorilla Photography Haiku

Look Gorilla Down

Quick Pull Over Grab Phone . . . Aww

Finger In The Way


I pass this guy every morning on the way to work, big Gorilla standing up, arms to the sky daring the big trucks to come into his truck wash. Tuesday morning (my new Monday) I am running late but I can’t resist, Gorilla down! I pull over grab my phone with the awesome camera, jump out of the car and run to the fence to get the perfect shot of this unnatural sight, for the blog. Something of interest. There’s a man standing next to the Gorilla watching me.

The fence is tall, taller than I bargained for. I raise the camera up as high as I can and shoot like I’m behind tall people at a parade, I’m always behind tall people. I shoot a couple of photos feeling all gorilla, all stealth. I got some awesome shots. Heehee, I run back to the car and drive off to work, catch all green lights. It’s a good sign.

I review my photos at lunch. Yep all gorilla, big fingers in the way again.


Thanks for stopping by.

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1 Response to Gorilla Photography and Haiku

  1. That’s pretty funny!

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