Happy Birthday Misty Blue!


Happy Birthday to you Misty Blue.


Brand new Baby Misty and her Mama Lady.


Baby Misty stands for the first time.


Getting kisses.


It’s hard work being born. First nap.


Cutie face.




This is when she came to live with me, right before her fourth birthday.



She’s been an absolute joy and pain in the butt every day since and I can’t imagine a life without her.

Happy Birthday Buckskin Barbie. xoxoxo



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8 Responses to Happy Birthday Misty Blue!

  1. Happy Day to you both!

  2. How amazing it must be to have her in your life. Happy B Day, Misty Blue.

  3. pamtanzey says:

    Thanks! I’ll tell her, she loves it when someone says she is beautiful.

  4. Birthday carrots for Misty!

  5. Fabulous pictures. The last picture looks so familiar. 😉 Hope the birthday day was good for everyone.

  6. Rita Kay says:

    A very Happy Birthday !!! I love the photos.

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