Message From A Morgan Mare Yesterday Morning


I heard we had two over-nighters in the arena, both mares, a Morgan (Little Misty is a Morgan) and a Morgan Norwegian Fjord cross. I was excited to see them but with the let’s say *^**$#% time change  my body clock woke up at it’s usual time leaving me fifteen minutes to wake up feed dogs and do all that stuff in the morning  that makes you coherent enough to be wearing the same shoes as you run out the door.

And then there they were, beautiful, the same size, same shape, and moving as if they were made from the same music. I had to stop to say hello, meaning get some pictures. That’s when they scattered going every direction like I just dropped a bag of M&M’s Peanuts on the lunchroom floor. I shot into the sun anyway and hoped for the best.

I finally got a chance to check out the pictures after I finished painting the sign I was working on.  Just as I expected an ear here, half a head there, monkeys could have done a better job.

Then this:


Hahahaha gotta be one of my favorite pictures ever! What a funny horse. Wish I had time to get to know her.

Then of course I turned it into a shameless plug for Over-nighters (People passing through on their way to somewhere can sleep in comfort or play, heck it’s Las Vegas, and know their horse is safe and comfortable and taken care of for the night, but you knew that didn’t you.)

Thanks for stopping by.

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1 Response to Message From A Morgan Mare Yesterday Morning

  1. What a funny picture! That’s your creative mind – make an advertisement out of it. 🙂

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