Dog Tired

dogtiredThis used to hang over  my drawing table back when I was freelancing, back when I was Pam Posey and staying up all hours working on Thomas the Tank Engine, or My Little Pony, or that never ending Lady Lovely Locks coloring book.

I was looking for this art last week or whenever the heck the time change happened. I always feel like this when they change the time.

I looked everywhere, for hours. I finally gave up and sketched up a new version real quick and it’s just cute as a bug’s ear, to quote my Grandma. Hmmmm wait, I don’t think bugs have ears. . . was that actually an insult. . . nah.

I am working on six new pieces of art right now, they are all in the underpainting stage and I’ve got them lined up doing a layer on each. It’s so exciting that I forget to check the time, ohh damn it’s 1:30 again! I tear myself away from them and try to sleep but instead I lie there and think of nine more I want to do. All I need is to find that manilla envelope with the shots I took that one time and I know right where they are.

Well no they aren’t there, oh that’s right I pulled them and now they are. . . nope.  The hunt is on! After the first hour it becomes a quest. I would consider it a gigantic waste of time if I hadn’t found the overdue library book I thought I lost, the folded manilla envelope with the last piece of Ampersand Claybord (yep that’s how it’s spelled) that I was looking for last fall, the black rearing Stuart Horse that went missing and finally the framed original of Dog Tired.

I’ll probably find the manilla envelope with all those cool old pictures during the next quest. Think I’ll mosey on out and make some coffee. Quests always wear me out.

Thanks for stopping by.


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3 Responses to Dog Tired

  1. This would make a great tile coffee coaster – I would buy several and make gift baskets with Moon Doggies coffee!!!

  2. pamtanzey says:

    That is a great idea! Thanks! Looking into it now.

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