Weekly Writing Challenge: Iconic


This is the Luxor beam from my front yard. The splash of gold is Mandalay Bay. Back in another life when I was married in California, we would come here to visit the in-laws or slip into town without visiting.  We’d arrive at dusk and I always looked for the beam. I never dreamed I would be living a couple of miles from it as the Grackle flies.

I could show you another picture of it from the Boulevard, dramatic lighting under palm trees and a Sphinx centered in front of the big black glass pyramid, lights running up its sides and the 315,000 watt beam of light shooting out the top so strong it can be seen from outer space they say. But I won’t. It’s the beam that is iconic to me.

I stood in the doorway at dusk almost every evening the first year I was here determined to see the moment the beam came on.  Somehow I always missed it, like the green flash at the beach in Carlsbad all those sunsets ago.

One night I was watching the planes coming in and out of the corner of my eye saw the top of the pyramid slowly getting lighter and then the beam came on. It was awesome!

The flashes of white in my photo of the beam are birds going after moths. I thought it was some kind of special light show. It went on for days. We had a wet spring. There were more bugs than usual. It was a graceful ballet. The birds dove and swirled higher and higher.

In April, only in April and only in this small segment of the Las Vegas valley at about ten-ish look for the Big Dipper in the night sky. The cup is directly over the Luxor beam catching the light as it passes through to tickle the toes of heaven.

What does Iconic mean to you? Give it some thought, get a picture, write it up. Check out The Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge.

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7 Responses to Weekly Writing Challenge: Iconic

  1. I enjoy when you write and share more about your life, Pam. That is quite a view, and I’m glad you finally saw the beam come on.

  2. We’re on a road trip looking at awesome blogs. Flatliners stopped by! Thanks for having us 🙂

  3. pamtanzey says:

    Thanks! That was on my bucket list, silly as it might sound. Now I’d still like to see the fabled green flash.

  4. Thanks for having us. You will have a post card on Post Marks on the way to Episode 10 – Part 1 🙂

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