TJ’s Wine of the Month Sign Installed!


Remember the Wine of the Month sign? Here it is finished but only put together with blue painters tape for the photo. It’s painted on foam core so I wait until everything is complete before I assemble it because it has a tendency to curl. It has been keeping still under a blackboard on the table with gallon jugs of Kettle Brewed Tea encouraging its flatness.

And now a stroll down memory lane. This is how it started out:


Then long process of enlarging the sketch onto the grid I made on the foam core, front and back sides. It’s double sided so right sides together just like sixth grade sewing class (it was Kansas City a long time ago).

Cut all the pieces out, label the backs, tape them together to make sure they are working correctly and fit. Then this:


YAY!(urban dictionary) It works!

I painted it in between regular daily store stuff, new signs, replacement signs, and new flyer endcap changes, working on the front and back pieces side by side so the color palette would be similar. Finally it was done and pieced together with a whole lotta hot glue. Then I constructed boxes to sit atop the endcap frame ( it holds two long blackboards) and attached my scroll to them. Whew.


Here is Caleb, the other half of the Sign Team installing it. Mmm Chariot is back!


Here is the back, a Treasure Map to Trader Joe’s.


And Ta Da! Here it is all installed ready to greet everyone coming in the front door!


Thanks for stopping by!




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5 Responses to TJ’s Wine of the Month Sign Installed!

  1. Does TJ’s know how lucky they are to have you? I hope they do!!!

  2. That is pretty awesome!

  3. Oh my gosh! That was my exact thought. I was going to type your exact words until I scrolled down and saw your comment. I think I’ll type them anyway. 😉

  4. Does TJ’s know how lucky they are to have you? I hope they do!!! 🙂

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