I’m A LIttle Teapot


I’m a little teapot,
Short and stout,
Here is my handle,
Here is my spout,
When I get all steamed up,
Hear me shout,
Just tip me over and pour me out!

I loved this song in Mrs. Matheson’s afternoon Kindergarten class. I even loved playing the part of the teapot, getting all steamed up and pouring and I never like things like that. Never.me5

This is me at five years old. OMG how cute. The sweater was pink. My Grandma had this picture on the wall behind her dresser. We weren’t staying with her yet. We were still living across the street in the house with the peonies and huge Mulberry trees that stained the sidewalk with their delicious fruit.

One day walking to school, (hard to imagine now that a five year old would be walking to school alone, but yep) it had rained, there was a puddle, a pretty big puddle. I am not a puddle jumper, um anymore. That morning I was and almost made it. Luckily my dress didn’t get wet or muddy, my underpants however did. My solution, kick em off and leave em where they landed and get to school on time.

So I bought this teapot on eBay. I bought back my power after the divorce by winning auctions on eBay. Sort of crushing your opponent therapy, ha, take that, the teapot is mine! Take that the cute round toaster I always wanted is mine, in the last three seconds. Mostly I found what was lost along the way. My first camera, the little square Brownie Bullet that I sent for and it took forever to come. Who knows what happened to it, but there it was in a listing and now it is on my shelf with other treasures.

I forgot about this teapot. It was packed away in a box I hadn’t opened when I moved here three years ago. YoDa unpacked a few boxes for me but luckily  this one was out of his reach. It is a beautiful color and has that deep gold  that I love. It wants me to recite poetry so I sang the teapot song. Now I want to gather Mulberries from the sidewalk. Gosh they were good.

Have a swell night. Thanks for stopping by.




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6 Responses to I’m A LIttle Teapot

  1. I am loving these remembrance posts, Pam. Your picture is adorable! I laughed out loud that you would kick your underpants to the curb and be on your merry way. 🙂 That teapot is lovely. I must admit to knowing the feeling of crushing the eBay opponent in the last three seconds. LOL!! Finally, I like that my favorite alligator rock (Smiley Guy) was able to slip into the picture and smile for the camera. 🙂

  2. pamtanzey says:

    Hahaha thanks Maddie. I’ve always been a practical girl. Mom didn’t have the same sense of humor. Funny my daughter does though. That Smiley Guy likes to jump in the pictures at the last moment.

  3. What a great story! It’s fun to hear about you as a little girl. Thanks for sharing!

  4. pamtanzey says:

    Thanks Rhythm! I’ll bet you have some great stories about when you were a little puppy!

  5. Yes, indeedy to that Ms Tanzey!

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