Trying something new.

Sandra Crook

Photo Copyright – Sandra Crook


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end using this photo as a prompt.  Here’s mine, 99 words.


It’s five minutes to twelve and the whole diner is watching the clock. Maybelle rushes to the window first like every Friday when Everett comes to town. Sally’s right behind her wearing a little flour from the afternoon pies. When the dirt and exhaust clears there’s Everett on the craziest contraption I have ever seen.

“What in the hell is that?”


“That man’s insane.”

“Way uglier than last week’s.”


“I wouldn’t get on that thing if you paid me.”

“You know you would.”

“Race you.”

I wrap my donut in a napkin. Nobody’s faster than me.


As always, thanks for stopping by!





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13 Responses to FRIDAY FICTIONEERS: Zoom

  1. elappleby says:

    Great little story – I especially liked the description of Sally ‘wearing a little flour from the afternoon pies’ – wonderful 🙂

  2. Dear Pam,
    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. Once you start it’s very hard to stop. I enjoyed your take on the prompt and look forward to reading more of you.

  3. Pam, another welcome from me. Your story was excellent (and I liked the same line about Sally wearing the flour) and sound very realistic. See you next week.


  4. pamtanzey says:

    Thank you Rochelle. It was great fun and quite a challenge to keep it to one hundred words. I wanted to go on and on. The picture of that contraption was very inspiring. Thank you for hosting such a creative get together.

  5. pamtanzey says:

    Thank you! I loved yours ‘Kerching’!

  6. pamtanzey says:

    Thank you Janet! I just read your post about Sunday. She is a beautiful mare! I have two mares, the Mistys. I envy the wonderful areas you have to ride. See you next week!

  7. Nice to meet another horse lover. What type of horses are your mares?

  8. pamtanzey says:

    A 12 year old flamboyant Quarter horse/Paint white face pretty blue eyes and a 23 year old Black Morgan rescue. They are both named Misty. Funny girls.

  9. They sound beautiful.

  10. Pam, I’m so glad you looked this up and participated. Your flash fiction was great! When I was reading, it crossed my mind that Sally loves pie crust! Hahaha! Really fun story, and you can’t help but smile at the ending. 🙂

  11. jwdwrites says:

    Great story and a lot of fun. looks like Everett will get the pick of the girls with that bike. 🙂

  12. pamtanzey says:

    Thanks so much! Yep I think Everett has always had his pick of the girls.

  13. camgal says:

    Ooh welcome to FF and great story for your first 🙂 cute how one of them said, “I wouldn’t get on that thing even if you paid me”

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