An Army Of Elmer’s Arrived Today!


I got a package from Amazon today. I couldn’t imagine what it was. I related my “Elmer’s Saves My Butt” story to my friend Janet and got a message from her later to expect a surprise in the mail. Hahahahahaha I feel so protected now!

In case you missed my last post here’s a brief recap:

I was mowing the lawn (weeds) and brushed up against a killer cactus resulting in my behind becoming embedded with about a million little cactus quills, being only me and not a team of experts with tweezers, and being Mother’s Day and not wanting to arrive with tweezers handing them over to my lovely only child, I did what anyone with an hour until BBQ time would do. I consulted the Google where I found an amazing, amazing article on how one can safely extract cactus quills from skin even when one cannot see said skin. How?  Elmer’s glue. It seemed like a simply brilliant solution so I spread Elmer’s liberally and sped up the process with a hair dryer. I peeled it off and it contained a gazillion tiny quills! It worked! Elmer’s is now my new hero!


If you live anywhere near cactus country, have a Grandma with a cactus garden, or keep one in a pot in your kitchen window, get yourself some Elmer’s. You’ll be glad you did!

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2 Responses to An Army Of Elmer’s Arrived Today!

  1. hahahaha! that is sooo funny!

  2. I think he needs the words, “ass man” added to his super hero shirt.

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