Friday Fictioneers: Hello

It’s Friday Fictioneers Time! Thank you Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for another outstanding Flash Fiction Get Together. Check out her link for more short-short stories!


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end using the photo below, copyright Danny Bowman    Now here’s mine : 100 words.

Copyright - Danny Bowman


He waved from the end of the bar. I sat next to him.

“Forty bucks or your firstborn, you choose.”

I pushed two twenties toward him.

“Sure you want to do this?”

I nodded.

“You get three minutes.”

I nodded.

“Fair enough.”

I followed him down the hallway past the poker room rehearsing my only line. “How could you leave us like that?”

In the moonlight the alley reeked with urine. I reached for the phone.

“Wait, there’s no receiver.”

“You need to talk. They have to listen.”


“Some things you aren’t meant know.”

I nodded.

“Hello… Mom.”

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7 Responses to Friday Fictioneers: Hello

  1. Pam, you slipped in here when I wasn’t looking but I’m glad I caught you and your rather creepy story. Hopefully it was worth it to once again be able to talk to her mom.


  2. pamtanzey says:

    Hi Janet, thanks for stopping by. I surprise myself sometimes how creepy I can make them. I think it is important that she knows her mom has to listen to the question that was never asked even if there are no answers.

  3. I’ve missed you! Not your fault …

    I like how you spin these stories, Pam. It certainly was a creative way to ask the mom an important question.

  4. Dear Pam,
    Better late than never. A good, albeit, kind of spooky one. How will she know her mom’s actually on the other end? Hope it’s worth $40. 😉

  5. pamtanzey says:

    Thank you Rochelle. Sometimes you’ve got to ask what was never asked even if it’s just to say it out loud.

  6. pamtanzey says:

    Hi Maddie! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I hope you’re having fun working on your latest novel. I’m looking forward to it and the new series!! Can’t wait to read them!

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