Meanwhile Back At The Ranch Monday: What’s That Guy Doing?


Monday is the new Sunday here, so I am out early with the camera looking for spectacular shots with strong shadows. The Mistys were in the arena and Barbie (Misty Blue) was flirting with Ibn the Arab stallion across the gates. They were back lit and romantic and that’s when I saw the guy pull up across from us and walk out into the desert with a two gallon container. It was backlit and suspicious.

He tromped around the brush and it looked to me as if he was pouring something from the container, gas maybe? Was he some crazed old firebug? After living most of my life in Southern California where brush fires are life threatening I pay attention to this kind of suspicious activity. I headed to the front gate with my camera poised. This time I wouldn’t just head out with a tablet to get the license plate I’d get a photo of it along with him caught in the act.

All of the horses were watching him. By the time I reached the gate, where Mousie is (that’s her in the photo) I am full on Sheriff Pam ready to shout out Citizen’s Arrest like Gomer Pyle. That’s when I see the little green net he is carrying and I guess has caught enough bugs or whatever he was hunting because he got back in his SUV without seeing me and left. Thank goodness.

I got a good shot of Mouse in her new summer wardrobe.

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3 Responses to Meanwhile Back At The Ranch Monday: What’s That Guy Doing?

  1. You go Sheriff Pam!

  2. Hahaha … I love this – Sheriff Pam! I need to put her in one of my new books. 😉

  3. pamtanzey says:

    Hahaha that would be awesome.

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