In My Mind I’m So At The Beach


It’s supposed to be 117 again today.

I hope it’s nice weather where you are. Thanks for stopping by.


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5 Responses to In My Mind I’m So At The Beach

  1. Tina Herbert says:

    Awsome 🙂 Only 92 here today

  2. Me too! Miss the beach!

  3. She’s a very stylish girl with her pink bandana, sunglasses, pearls, and nails. What kind of drink is that? It’s in the 90’s here and so humid it’s hard to breathe. So grateful to have a cool house. Stay cool, Pam.

  4. Reblogged this on gspotsylvania and commented:
    Love Pam, love the graphic, had to share!

  5. craftymadre says:

    Only 96 here but it felt like 120 whole I was mowing. That is one cool dog.

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