Daily Prompt: I Am a Rock


It was raining when I got home today. It could have been one of those Sponge Bob clouds that spit lightning and soak you, well, me as I hurried to unlock the gate, pulled in, shut the gate and locked it, then ran back to get the new mare out of the arena and put her in her pen as the wind blew hay all over the place, and usually by the time I’m done the cloud passes on by and sun comes out pretty as you please.

It wasn’t one of those this time. It rained awhile. The new mare’s mom drove up as I was closing her horse’s gate. She helped to throw hay and everyone was happy having an early dinner.

Now for the inside pack, I opened the door, wet, muddy and sneezing from the hay, and they all piled out yelling. Three Basset Hounds. It’s always a happy yelling and there were no surprises this time. Cookies all around. Then I heard it, a loud chirp, kind of like a cricket. Oh great, the fire alarm in the back room has a dying battery. The back room has a nineteen foot ceiling, not really it just seems that way.

Out into the rain to hunt down a ladder. I looked in the usual places and it appeared all three ladders were locked up in the big tack room. Back out to where the keys are hidden, the horses watched me walk back and forth, and finally I got the biggest ladder from the warm dry tack room.

The Bassets, always fascinated by everything I do, piled into the hallway behind me. I shooed them out and put up the gate. I figured as long as I have the ladder I should change the burnt out light bulb in the hallway. I got the new light bulb, climbed up to the second from the very top step on the ladder unscrewed the fancy bolt holding the glass fixture and dropped it. I heard it plink when it hit the floor. It sounded close. I took the glass dome off, climbed down and washed it. Then looked around the floor for the gold bolt. I looked for half an hour. It is a small hallway how far could it possibly have gone? I got the flashlight and looked in all the places I already looked. Then I remembered I changed the bulb and turned the hallway light on, duh, but still no bolt.

At lunch today I bought the kindle book,   E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout. It is an awesomely fun read!

The first example she gives is how she pulled down her calendar from the wall and lost the nail. How far could it possibly go, she said. Good heavens, I said to the Bassets, I’m doing the same exercise. She gave the nail 24 hours to show up and woke up with it between her thumb and forefinger. (Really, you’ve got to check out this book!) So, I told the bolt and the universe I wanted it to make itself seen within the hour. I figured I would change the battery and give the bolt time to show up. I folded up the ladder to take it to the back room and the bolt fell on my head from the top of the ladder, the ladder that I scoured several times earlier as I looked in all the same places again and again for that blankety bolt. It showed itself moments later!

After I recovered from the shock and the excitement of it all, I put the light back together, changed the battery, put the ladder away, fed the dogs, cleaned their eyes and ears, did the dishes, two loads of laundry, took a shower, killed a bug and ate a quiche.

Yeah, I’m a rock.



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13 Responses to Daily Prompt: I Am a Rock

  1. Michael Cato says:

    Pam, you are awesome!

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  3. It is the living with Rock-headed dogs that has made you that way! xoxo

  4. helenrj says:

    A very efficient rock… My favorite sequence of words is ‘killed a bug and ate a quiche’. Just visiting after being directed from To Breathe is to Write.

  5. Ellen Ferguson says:

    LOL! Love this! And the photo is great, too!!


  6. I bet all those dogs were sure having a good laugh!!

  7. pamtanzey says:

    I believe they usually do! Thanks for stopping by Rhythm!

  8. pamtanzey says:

    Thanks so much! That’s my favorite too! Thanks for reading all the way through that ordeal to the end!

  9. pamtanzey says:

    Hahahaha yep! xoxoxo too!

  10. pamtanzey says:

    Awww thank you Mike! You made my day!

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  12. Fantastic story! I’ve gotta get my hands on that book. 🙂 You aren’t just a rock, Pam, you are Superwoman!!

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