Blackboard Sign, The Old Is New Again


This is my Aussie Guy sign. He hasn’t been out of  the sign closet since Charles Shaw Down Under! He’s making a brief appearance celebrating TJ’s killer deal on Zibibbo Sparkling Muscato for $3.99! Grab it while you can, it’s $11.99 elsewhere.

I did this art in my first year as a Sign Artist for Trader Joe’s. I researched all of the aborigines symbols, I can’t remember what they mean now, except the bottom one that I created from one of my mom’s favorite lines “Let’s have a party!”

I hope you’re making your night a party wherever you are.

Thanks for stopping by!


Oh p.s. There was some discussion whether Aussie guy is a kangaroo or a mule, humph now do mules have little fingers that can hold a glass of wine, geese.

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8 Responses to Blackboard Sign, The Old Is New Again

  1. Barb Franklin says:

    Love it. How can I get it?

  2. Ellen Ferguson says:

    This is great and OF COURSE it’s a kangaroo!!! (duh)


  3. pamtanzey says:

    Thanks! Gotta go to Trader Joe’s, if there’s not one near you they don’t have an exclusive on the Sparkling Muscato so I am sure you will find it in a store near you. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. It is good to be goddess!

  5. One of my favorites! But every time I see a piece of yours I think – one of my favorites!

  6. Pam – I believe that your posters would become as popular as those of Lautrec and Mucha if availabke for sale. They truly are works of art!

  7. pamtanzey says:

    Thank you Suzanne! I am honored to be mentioned in such company!

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