Happy Birthday Phoebe!



Phoebe is Ten years old today!


She got to wear the Birthday Boa and had cookies and Frosty Paws.



YoDa not quite getting the Frosty Paws concept, has whole thing in his mouth.


Takes his inside to keep it safe from the girls.


                        Brain freeze.


                                         Ch. Splash’s La Jolla

Happy Birthday also to Twister, Malibu and Hunter.

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6 Responses to Happy Birthday Phoebe!

  1. Kim says:

    Happy Birthday Phoebe! My Gunter used to do that with Frosty Paws, he’d cram the whole thing in his mouth and try to eat it. Always ended with a brain freeze and I would laugh so hard at him.

  2. Lisa Cherry says:

    Frosty Paws are popular here too. Precious hounds! Seniors rock!!

  3. Rita Kay says:

    Happy Birthday Phoebe, the boa looks beautiful on you 🙂 And a Happy Birthday to Twister, Malibu and Hunter may you all have many more Happy and Healthy Birthdays !!!

  4. Great pictures! Happy belated birthday, Phoebe. Love the brain freeze on YoDa – too funny!

  5. oh no we missed your birthday hope it was a grand day !!

  6. pamtanzey says:

    It was! They had cookies and Frosty Paws! And I chased them all around with the camera.

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