A Whole New Level of Obsession . . . Cookie Butter Now With Chocolate!


Oh. . . oh no . . . I’m afraid if we run out of this they will come with torches and I may join them! Yep, it’s that good!

Cookie Butter was supposed to be a holiday treat but was such a big hit they brought it back as a staple. Folks were so excited to see it back they bought it all immediately and then it was gone again.

Meanwhile they developed Crunchy Cookie Butter and the demand exceeded their expectations again and when it trickled back in each store only got a case a day, um that’s twelve jars. By late spring there were twenty people outside our store by 6:30 am waiting politely until 8 when we open, for their one jar per family.


And now this. . . I must say I can take or leave Cookie Butter but this is a perfect blend of oh, yum. What do you eat it with?  A spoon.

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4 Responses to A Whole New Level of Obsession . . . Cookie Butter Now With Chocolate!

  1. So I guess you managed to get ine of those 12 jars….

  2. Oh my. I don’t think I should have a jar of that in my house. I might eat it with a spoon – or Rich would. 🙂

  3. pamtanzey says:

    I think that’s probably a wise decision, that’s what I did all weekend, a spoonful at a time, darn stuff.

  4. Rita Kay says:

    Pam we just got a Trader Joe’s here in the Buffalo area. It’s not open yet, but when it does I’ll have to get some of the Cookie and Cocoa Swirl, it sounds fantastic !!

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