Thirty Days Of Giving Thanks

I am joining some friends in a month of Thanksgiving. I’ll be adding some sketches to mine and try my hand at bookbinding when I’m done. Wanna join me? I think it will be fun!


November 1-

I am Thankful for this day, this hour, heck, this very moment. As my friend Kathy says of her boy Basil, and my Duncan before, and now that Phoebe has just turned ten more so than ever

Every Day is a Gift.

So, Thank you for this day.

What are you thankful for today?


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8 Responses to Thirty Days Of Giving Thanks

  1. Ellen Ferguson says:

    Pam I love this! What a fantastic idea. Can’t wait to see what’s next. THANK YOU!

  2. Cathy Laws says:

    That’s nice to make it stand apart from the typical 30 days w/o awesome hand-sketched drawings

  3. Basset mom says:

    Beautiful sentiment & drawings!

  4. pamtanzey says:

    Thank you! I decided at the last minute to do it and add some sketches, so far it has been fun!

  5. pamtanzey says:

    Thank you Ellen!

  6. Aweeeeeeeeee thanks Pam , for mentioning Basil and I.

    Love you, Kathy

    PS coming down for Thanksgiving hope we can get together

  7. pamtanzey says:

    Love you too! Looking forward to seeing you!

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