Thirty Days of giving Thanks: Day Twenty Five

One of my favorite posts from my Thanks Giving sketchbook last year Thankful for the helpers, the healers, they are so important.

Pam Tanzey, Artist


Day 25-

I am thankful for the helpers, the healers, the rescuers, the first responders, those who give from their heart because they need to give, to help without fanfare.

Those who care for family members, who take in one more horse with nowhere else to go, one more old dog, lost dog, little puppy or kitten that no one else wants, gives a burger, the hat they knitted the night before and five bucks to the guy on the corner with the cardboard sign.

Those who Reiki the hurt places on the big world map on their living room wall, send prayers, send angels, send good wishes, send love. Those who knit or crochet hats for newborns, blankets for preemies, socks for soldiers, hats for homeless and prayer shawls.

I am thankful for Search and Rescue, those who put in their own time, energy, and love, financing the training…

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