A Room…A Word


A Room A Word

I’m glad you gave her

what I couldn’t.

A room of her own filled

with stuff that she loved,

what pleased her,

shoes with fringe and


a color tv,

that same velour recliner

you bought for all of your men,

patience for her unending

need of attention and

that bargaining chip that

I never shared with her, an

exchange of goods for


I had that with you though

the understanding that I

was there to be your audience

in my old shoes

and mismatched socks to ooh

and ahh over your newest

dress and feign envy

as if you were a princess, but

I was never jealous.

Not even once did I want to be you

or would ever trade places with you. Never

did I imagine myself a princess

or have need of admirers who

thought of me as such.

I’ve always known quietly

that I am the queen.

-Pam Tanzey

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4 Responses to A Room…A Word

  1. Scarlett79 says:

    Beautiful ❤ Love the vintage feel to it 🙂

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