Serenity in Las Vegas

I live two miles from Las Vegas Boulevard on a quiet peacock lined street in a rural preserve neighborhood. The little house I live in calls herself Serenity. She sits in the back of an acre and a half and looks out to the sunrise across a big arena where the horses who live here take turns spending the night. This handsome boy is Cooper.

Laura Higgins runs the barn here. She is a trainer and riding instructor and is awesome with both horses and students. Her family of horses live here, so do mine. This is Laura on my Misty Blue.


The place used to be known as the Lazy D, for Debbie who owns it. It’s not that she was ever lazy it’s the way you feel here, comfortable, put your feet up and have some iced tea and the projects that you started stay somewhere near the beginning or the middle but not quite close to being finished as you’re lulled into another never- never land day, another glass of wine and a bunch of new ideas.

When the big dying cottonwood tree fell down in the storms last fall

we decided the Lazy D needed a new image.


We christened her Serenity. It feels good here. It feels like home.



4 Responses to Serenity in Las Vegas

  1. omg … that first shot is amazing!!!

  2. pamtanzey says:

    Thanks Stephen I think that’s one of my favorite ones ever!

  3. Carol Coyne Koplin says:

    Hi Pam – here’s a blast from your past….Carol Coyne (Sea World)…missing doing my art and can’t seem to get motivated. I have one of your drawings hanging in my house and decided to try to find you. I’m so glad to see that you are sharing your gift…I have always admired your talent. I hope all is well and hope to hear from you soon

  4. Fred Arnow says:

    This is a great looking blog. I’m from Henderson.

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