Writing 201 Poetry Day Seven: Fingers, Prose Poem – And I Walked Home Alone


And I Walked Home Alone

He was playing his guitar unaware of time or

waves of heat that hung above the sand and it was beautiful

just as I remembered from those summer nights when

June bugs crashed around the porch light.

Afterward we drank some beers and watched the moon come up

across the avocado grove.

He was playing his guitar and as I paused to listen

I watched his fingers dance across the strings just as I did

those summer nights so very long ago.

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Poetry 201 Day Six: Hero, Ballad, Anaphora – And He Is


And He Is

Some think he’s an Angel

Some think he’s a Saint

Some think he’s a genius

With wood and some paint.

Some think he’s a Wizard

Some think he can fly

Some think he can travel

With the blink of his eye.

Some want to believe in him

Some believe he’s a lie

Some believe they can count on him

Some don’t even try.

To me he’s a hero

Just a regular guy

With a heartful of kindness

As big as the sky.

-Pam Tanzey

This poem was written for Writing 201:Poetry. The prompt today is Hero, the Form is a Ballad and the device is Anaphora (a-NAH-fra)  means the repetition of the same word (or cluster of words) at the beginning of multiple lines of verse in the same poem. Yay, this time I was able to do all three!

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Poetry 201 Day Five, Fog, Elegy, Metaphor: For Those We Loved


For Those We Loved

Send Angels to me on the sad days

Hosts of Angels holding hands

Make a bridge of feather wings from

My heart straight to heaven

For these anniversaries when

six months cuts fresh and raw as


And a year is forever

Open your foggy sky tonight

And let me feel his breath in my hair.

Pam Tanzey

This poem is for the assignment of Writing 201: Poetry Day Five. The Prompt is Fog, the Form is Elegy (a focus on loss and longing) and the Device is Metaphor.

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Poetry 201 Day Four: Animal, Enjambment – Who?



On sofas or sea foam, now

who could it be, Harp

Seal or Walrus

or small Manatee?

Sunglasses, tiaras, sad

people abound

who makes them all


The Basset Hound.

Who comes when there’s candy or

cookies or pie?

Who licks your face when

you’re beginning to


Who gobbles up crumbs that

fall on the ground? Oh,

you know who,

The Basset Hound.

A Hippo? It might be, but

there’s nary a tail or

those long ears that

would make even Elephants


or the melodious tune

you know the sound, it

could only be

The Basset Hound.

Pam Tanzey

This is the assignment for Day four of Writing 201: Poetry. The Prompt is Animal the Device is Enjambment (when a grammatical sentence stretches from one line of verse to the next.) The Form is Concrete Poem or making the poem fit into a shape, couldn’t pull that one off.

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Obituary Poem for my First Husband


Obituary Poem for my First Husband

I just heard Satan called you home

back in two thousand eight

I’d say Fuck You in person

but now it’s too late.

Fuck you for the bruises you

put on my neck

for hurting my puppy

did you think I’d forget?

For throwing us out like

a pair of old shoes

I searched for your Obit.

but you’re not in the news.

You’re nobody, nothing, it’s

like you weren’t here at all

How many others did

you make crawl?

How many many dumb girls

did you make your wife?

The only good thing you did

was stay out of our life

You sociopath, you liar,

you rapist, you cheat

I’d dance on your grave but

I won’t dirty my feet.

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Poetry 201 Day 3 Trust, Internal Rhyme – Flowers on the Sidewalk


Flowers on the Sidewalk

What goes on in the dark in the park

at the end of the street?

There are flowers on the sidewalk

by the tree for Lisa G. and blood

tracked around all over the ground.

Did you get in the way of a shot gone astray?

Did you trust the wrong one?

Did you go out to play but

then get in the way of a knife

or a gun?

Did you trust the wrong one?

This is day three of The Daily Post’s Writing 201 Poetry, a two week get together to learn a little, practice and have fun. The prompt today is Trust, the device is Internal Rhyme.

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Poetry 201 Day 2 Journey Limerick Alliteration…oh my!


Weekends on the Strip

Step on in the city of sin

Right at the end of where you begin

Where the desert wind blows

And everyone knows

It’s just make believe so on with the show.

This is day two of The Daily Post’s Writing 201 Poetry, a two week get together to learn a little, practice and have fun. The prompt today is Journey, the form is Limerick (It’s my first) and the device is Alliteration (it’s about using the same consonant multiple times in close proximity).

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Writing 201:Poetry Day 1 Water Haiku Simile – Yeah…Don’t Call Me


Yeah…Don’t Call Me

Absolution has

left wanting like virga rain

longs to touch the ground.

This is Day one of The Daily Post’s Writing 201 Poetry, a two week get together to learn a little, practice and have fun. The prompt today is Water, the form is Haiku and the device is simile.

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Once Upon a Time, Wait, That’s Not On The Bucket List

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Once Upon a Time.”


Once upon a time in a land that is the hub of the world for entertainment, in a quiet glen not far from the lights lived a faery queen. Her cottage appeared small to those with eyes that could see beyond the stables where it stands, but the inside was grand with art and hounds and collections from her long years of being in the world.

On this particular morning in preparation before attending the Faire beyond the Glen with the Princess she checked on the Royal Mares in the stables. She found the eldest of the Mares in distress and summoned the Queen, the Royal Stable Mistress and the Mare’s Royal Doctor and Owie Fixer.

She haltered the mare and calmed her with precious Faery energies and potions, and sang to her while waiting for help to arrive. It worked wonders for a time until waves of pain made the mare snort and paw and toss her head violently. She hit the Faery Queen above her left eye with the same sound a bat makes as it strikes a ball.  The small Queen stumbled but did not fall or see stars as she closed the stall door and made her unsteady way back to the cottage for a bag of frozen peas for her head.

She sat upon a bale of straw outside the stall door with the bag of peas on her head feeling a bit helpless as the mare thrashed about inside, but then all carriages of help arrived. They each checked her eyes finding the pupils normal. The Doctor attended the mare and fixed her owie’s straight away.

The Princess took her to lunch and they stayed until day’s end in her craft room watching humorous entertainment and trading out a bag of thawed peas for a bag of frozen peas. The next day the Faery Queen experienced her first black eye ever. It was not mentioned on her bucket list so she wrote it in beneath the rest and scratched it off.

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December Blessings Merry Christmas


December Blessings Merry Christmas

May Angels watch over you.

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