Happy Mother’s Day


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Throwback Thursday – Our Little Corner of the Desert



Phoebe wore her pink light in the mornings when she first came to live with us. Phoebe and Duncan in the front yard of our little corner of the desert.

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Throwback Thursday-Gracie Gets Her CD at the Nationals


“Well, if they were all air conditioned inside and on carpet we could have gotten this done two years ago.” Gracie. “Oh, now it is Palomino Valley Grace CD, CGC thank you very much.”

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Happy Easter


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Easter Bunny Boy


I’ll wear tiaras and boas

And bunny ears

And bring you my toys

To dry your tears

I’ll take you for walks

Have heart to heart talks

And be your best friend

For a million years.

Thanks for stopping by

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Throwback Thursday – Two Year Old Me

twoyearoldmeIt’s little two-year-old me. Hmm, I kinda still dress the same way.


Thanks for stopping by!

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Throwback Thursday – Dog Tired


Lost in Dobie dreamland a very long time ago.

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Thrown Right Back In Time.


I like Throwback Thursdays, I get to see where my friends came from, how they were, and how they turned out. I find it fun and heartwarming.

This is me at twenty three. It might have even been my birthday I can’t remember now. Yes, I looked young and I was and still am 4′ 11″ so of course that made me look younger still.

I must say that I was surprised to elicit the same condescending, mean spirited reaction from this picture after all these years that I used to consistently get then for looking so young.

I find it unpleasantly fascinating. The life that I have lived, everything I have done and accomplished didn’t count only that I did not fit in with the norm, and just like back then I had to be put into my place in the who do you think you are line.

It makes me still wonder what compels people to say, to actually say insulting, character damaging things, think them all you want, gossip to your friends who cares, but why say them? I can feel your intention.

I was going to let it go as I always have, and stay bugged about it, but hell I’m 62 now and I’ve put up with this crap all my life. I’m through trying to understand. Why does my looking young bother you so much? How dumb.

So from now on I’m going to say, who do you think you are talking to me like that!


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Throwback Thursday – Me At Twenty-Three


Yep, it’s me at twenty-three on the front porch of my little house in Carlsbad, the house behind a house with the secret driveway.

It was the beginning of Burrito Sunday. My mom came down from Fullerton every Sunday with a grocery bag of goodies, we made burritos and then she helped me stuff the Raggedy Ann dolls I made all week on my old Singer treadle machine. We sold them at the Flea Market in Leucadia.

The sky was blue, the breeze was soft and the world was full of possibilities.

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Throwback Thursday – Me and My Boy Jakey


I still love him like it was yesterday.

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