Illustration Friday-Storm: Buttercup and Hank


“A storm’s just an opportunity for a celebration.” Buttercup.

This is my sketch for Illustration Friday’s topic STORM. That’s Hank in the background all suited up proper for the weather, and that’s Buttercup doing what she does best, dancing in the rain.

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4 Responses to Illustration Friday-Storm: Buttercup and Hank

  1. Love, love this! I share Buttercup’s sentiment!

  2. I am in love with these two! Hank’s expression is priceless, and Buttercup’s joy makes me laugh. So great, Pam!! 🙂

  3. Come on Hank, have a splash! What fun!! Buttercup is a real character!!

  4. Love the expression on Buttercup’s face.

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