Monthly Peace Challenge: Art Thou Peaceful? Amanda Dreamed . . .

This month’s Peace challenge is to create a piece of art to create a feeling of Peace. I knew exactly what I wanted to create, easy I am an artist. Then tonight I ran across a poster I made in 1997 for the Basset Hound Picnic. I forgot how fun it is and how it draws you in to join the games, have a deviled egg and maybe take a snooze on a beach towel. It isn’t the big serious painting I thought I wanted to do but it is exactly what I want to convey, peaceful bliss.


How about you guys? Want to join us and create some art for Peace or maybe a photo or a poem or a piece of music that makes you feel peaceful and you’d like to share it with the world. Click on Bloggers for Peace below and it’ll take you to Everydaygurus and check it out for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by! I’m going to go have a hot dog with my Bassets.


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7 Responses to Monthly Peace Challenge: Art Thou Peaceful? Amanda Dreamed . . .

  1. Barb Franklin says:

    Love this
    Is it for sale

  2. pamtanzey says:

    Hi Barb, Thanks! I just listed it in my Etsy shop and put it up on my Facebook page. Let’s see if I can put the link here too.

  3. I love that picture! Peaceful dreams indeed!

  4. Jill says:

    Doggie heaven. I’d love to hang out with that crowd.

  5. pamtanzey says:

    Me too! Thanks for stopping by Jill.

  6. Kozo Hattori says:

    Lovely, Pam. You know me: I saw the hugging dogs and was sold. šŸ™‚ I also love the “dog pile” napping. What a perfect piece of art for Spring, Peace, and Smiles. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

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