Misty Blue and My Finger Too

It was beautiful and breezy when I got home today. The kind of day you toss off your fly mask, that’s it on the ground behind her, and feel the wind in your forelock.  After a long summer of seeing Misty like this

I was so excited to see her face in the afternoon light I grabbed my trusty phone, jumped out of the car and shot into the sun for some cool backlit photos.  She thought I had a cookie so we did the where’s my cookie dance. I took a bunch of pictures anyway.

Where’s my cookie?

What the heck is that?

Oh hahahahahahaha Awesome. My finger and big goofy horse teeth.

These end up being some of my favorite pictures, and there’s a bunch of them.

Hope you all had a great fun day. Thanks for stopping by.





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2 Responses to Misty Blue and My Finger Too

  1. Such happy pictures! A fly mask. Now I know. I had no idea what the masks were for. Your last picture – that’s a kiss coming in!

  2. Ellen Ferguson says:

    Love ’em!

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