Happy Dance at a Crime Scene and Tasting Tuesday.

This is Ken. There was a little collision this morning involving the bale and three cases of Shaw. Usually John, our expert baler, glides it effortlessly out the door, (um see bale below, it’s where all of our cardboard goes on to a better life)

John said he was distracted by Ken prancing in front of the wine as he was turning the corner. Ken said he wasn’t prancing he was doing a Happy Dance and John swerved the bale trying to kill him. I love these guys. (Ken is a singer and dancer)

Well it looked so much like spilled blood I had to get on a chair and get a picture of it.

This is John cleaning it up with the Zamboni.

This is what we had for Tasting Tuesday. Yum.

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2 Responses to Happy Dance at a Crime Scene and Tasting Tuesday.

  1. Tasting Tuesday! I want to work where there is a Tasting Tuesday. 🙂 Tell Ken your picture would have been better had he positioned himself on the floor in the midst of the wine to make it *really* look like a crime scene. 😉

  2. pamtanzey says:

    Ohhh that’s hilarious I’ll have to do that next time with a chalk outline. Thanks Maddie I like the way you think. Yeah around the holidays Tasting Tuesday gets better. We’ve had less exciting tastings like the olive oil tasting, yum, five different olive oils and little hunks of bread. They weren’t flavored ones and all started tasting the same.

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