Bassets on the hunt. This is one of my old cartoons. My Bassets back then, Gracie and Duncan, were great trackers. If the cat next door crossed over our yard to get to his they tracked everywhere he walked. They could tell you what he had for breakfast three days ago, but they never once noticed he was sitting on the fence watching them.

The world didn’t end Friday. I’m glad. I wouldn’t want to spend my last day getting a root canal. Yep. It wasn’t as frightening or painful as I had imagined. Thank goodness. I guess that was a surprise too.

Hmm here’s another, this was supposed to be a photo depicting Surprise for the Weekly Prompt, darn. I like this post so I’ll do another one for that.

Thanks for stopping by.

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1 Response to Surprise

  1. So cute! Your hound in the back looks like he’s rubbing his paws together in glee. 🙂

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